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Sourav kumar
07 jul 2022
In Discusiones generales
As an important factor. A fairly well-to-do Phone Number List person with a college education is much more likely to lean Democratic. This is not something that happened this way in the past. It is very easy to simplify and say that the Democratic Party is a party of the Phone Number List elites, while the Republican Party is a white working class party. The reality is much more complex and these categorizations are not always verified. In some cases, the opposite happens. But it is Phone Number List necessary to investigate more in these transformations. For that you have to look at the different territories. Before the election there was much talk Phone Number List of the possibility of Trump winning a higher percentage of the African-American vote, especially among men. The same was also stated in relation to the Latino vote. What was maintained is that his machismo could produce a certain type of attraction in those communities. I Phone Number List would not dare to state something firm on this matter because the final results will allow us to make a breakdown to verify what has happened and what has not happened. However, it is possible to make some guesses. Trump does not seem to have gained much from the African-American vote, although among the many Latino communities he Phone Number List does seem to have made some progress, in some states and in some sectors. Among Cubans and Venezuelans Phone Number List living in Florida, the antisocialist message is strong and penetrates part of those communities. However, the Puerto Rican vote is very strong in favor of Biden, as have the Haitian vote and the Mexican vote. Something similar happens with the Dominican vote in New York. Outside of Florida, one of the surprises has Phone Number List been the Rio Grande Valley , on the border between Texas and Mexico. This has traditionally been one of the poorest areas in the country and has tended to vote Democrat. There Biden lost quite a bit of support. In Zapata County, for example, Clinton had won by 30 points and Biden lost. That is a surprise and Phone Number List many are thinking about what this decrease in votes means in a place that has its.
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Sourav kumar

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